Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Past Memories

Sometimes, when we tends to grow older or when we are far away from our dearest friends, one of the things that tends to creep into our minds is the past memories of our lives experiences. We had a lot of experiences in our lives. When we are away, what else experiences that we will think of besides FOODS!!!??? Sure are our sweetest memories that we had with our dearest friends.

May be for some of you, you still don’t have that experience of missing friends that really brings a lot of impact in your life. Mainly because you are living in your comfort zone (that is Malaysia) or you are currently having a relationship with your beloved one. If it’s not as what I mention, I guess you are currently living in a life that full of denial.

So, for me, practically every single night, thousands of memories that I had with my friends will just gush into me, filling me with tears of joy as I recalled the wonderful moments that I had with my friends. Guess when you are far away from your friends, they seems to be flawless at that point. All the toughs that you have about them are just… they are way to perfect to be your friends!

So, what I have in my minds now are just friends when I’m writing this blog. Its 3am now. My minds just cannot satisfy with the tiredness that I had for the whole day. Instead it’s stuffing me with flashes of joyful moments that I had with my 5B’s friends. Flashes of images of my friends keeps on tickle my nerves that gives impulses to inspired me to think of them… My mind just cannot enter the dream world that I yearn to go since I had my dinner…

One of my best friends, Shin Chin, brings a huge impact in my life. I think the peak of our friendship was the time when we were in Form 3. That time I didn’t know what had happened that make us become best friends. But what I remember is the time when we were in Form 4, we always had some crazy ideas going on. For examples, she wants to learn how to drive a bike, go to disturb other classmate and riding on a bike, strolling around the city and etc. Every time whenever I feel so bored, I would drive my bike to her house, looking for her to find something that will make me happier. She even teaches me how to play the piano. Until now, I still can remember how to play the melodies that she thought me. Whenever I’m sad, she is the one that always cheer me up and helps me whenever I needed help. I still keep one of her letter that she gave me last time when I was way to depress.. I still keep that letter for your information… Right at the end of that letter, she wrote a sentence, “SMILE ALWAYS!!!” And that sentence always reflected in my heart whenever I miss her. Because whenever I miss my friends, I will be a bit sad and depress… but with the sentences, I will tends to smile and be grateful that I have such a best friend like her. Another wonderful thing that she did in my life was she changed my personal image. From young till Form 4, I was with my monk hair style… and that pathetic thought because now I finally realize why I don’t have any girlfriends. Haha… all because of that hair… at least she make the effort to change my personal look and now I look a bit more handsome and man.. haha.. I’m not trying to boasting around here. Indeed last time I can be compare to an ugly duckling. When we were in Form 5, we did quite a few activities together. Joining the school choir, going to Pangkor Island, having some fun by shopping and eating some great foods in Sitiawan were few of the activities that we had last time. To tell you the truth, without her, maybe I will be a mama’s boy, knowing nothing about this world. At least with that experiences she share with me, I manage to search for the fun that are hidden in this world. There are a lot more things that I can describe about her. But since all the past memories that I had with my friends are popping out too fast, I better go into the next one in case I forget about them.

For the next one is Yu Xuan, one of the greatest best friends and brother that I had when I was in secondary school. I still remember how for the first time I hate him when I was in Form 1. Surprise why I mention that? Haha…. Actually when I was young, I am quite a playful guy that like to fooling around and quite a brutal one. So, when I enter Form 1 for the first time, I want to have more friends. The things are I don’t know how… So, since I’m so playful and I was in the second floor, when I saw him standing and talking with his friends just below the building that I was standing, I just pluck the seeds from nearby tress that grows so near to the building and throw right at his head. And as the result, he rush up to that floor and gave me a hard kick on my lower leg… oh gosh!!! I still can imagine the pain that I got from him. And form that day on, I declare that he is my enemy. Haha.. Childish… Our friendship spice up when we were in Form 4. From an enemy, we turn into best friends. Irony? Guess miracles always happened in one’s life. I still remember how we turn into a foe. In Form 4, out of sudden, he say that he want to be my friend. For me, I wouldn’t want to accept him as I’m the one that cannot forgive my enemy. But he manages to break through the barrier that sealing up my heart to outsider. I cannot do anything to stop him too as he is too sticky as a glue. He keeps on invading my life and tries his best to be a friend of mine. His effort was not wasted. Finally in Form 5, our friendship grows stronger and stronger till we become best friend. Among all the craziest things that we did was driving a bike from Ayer Tawer to Changkat Keruing. It took us about an hour to reach that place. Guess he is the one that make me break my family’s rules. I started to live in my friend’s house, which I never do before I know him, and go out to have a drink at night and in the middle of night; we go to Lumut just to visit the beach. So, here he helps me to discover the beauty of night life and how to be a man!! The greatest thing that he did in my life was he helps me to find my first love, the first love that I had with Jesus!!! That is just a great memory that will forever imprint in my mind till death tears me apart. Because of him helping me to understand and find the true meaning of Christianity, I am who I am now. I finally know what a life means is and how to enjoy every single breath that I left in this world. I wouldn’t be true believers that wanted to seek God more and more every day and love and treasure the people besides me if he didn’t help God to seed Christianity in my souls… and he planned my birthday and gave me a precious bible that I’m using till now, accompany me walking the journey that full of life challenges…

Now another good friend of mine is Yvonne Loi. The first time I manage to meet her was in primary school. We studied together in MES, which was the school that I like the most. Since my family forces me to study in a Chinese school, I had no choice but to go and lost a friend like her. Look like our friendship is not over. I manage to meet up with her again in secondary school. The first sight when I saw her in secondary school, I was shock! “Who is that? Is that the girl that was once my friend in primary school? Am I mistaken her for someone else? No… I don’t think that I mistaken about that”. And as usual for whom I was in Form 1, I just rushed in front of her and gave her a shock. I think I kept on bulling her that time. I know for sure she hates me a lot… haha… Last time she was too man to be a girl. She was way too stubborn and particular in every thing that she did. I think till now, she is still who she is when she was in secondary school, just that she become more like a lady that have a good taste in fashion. The memories that I had with her also being built up in Form 4. She will always chat with me and joke with me during recess time since. We even gossip around and talk lots of nonsense in the class… and since she did not took any Chinese class that time, both of us tends to go out from the class and hanging out somewhere. Haha… what she did in my life is, she teach me how to be a more fashionable guy. She and Shin Chin help me to find the hair style that suits me the best! Thanks to her, my face now becomes smoother and less pimples. She introduces me to use facial cleaner. Till now, I still continue to use since it really help to clear my face form dirt and all sort of stuff… I look younger compare with my other siblings… haha… Sometimes being around with her, it makes me feel a bit more inferior or humble since her English is so good. And she is the one that inspired me to speak in English in secondary school. Compare to the other classmates that I had, she never says that I’m trying to show off myself by speaking in English. Being with her is comfortable in the sense that you can be who you are and not a hypocrite that you usually mask in front of the others. What I’m trying to say is, she don’t care who you are and what you are made from. What she wants is just you be sincere in whatever things that you do and you say. Strait forward! Haha… so, she is a kind of friends that you want to have in your life because you no need to turn around the bush to speak to her. Offence her and she will kick your ass strait away!!!

Recently I just added Vee Ee to my best friend list. Ever since I’m back in Malaysia, he is the one that really make the effort to help me out and be with me as what a friendship is all about. Sacrifices that he made as a friend, it really make me feel so glad to have him as one of the best. I think I meet him when I was in Form 4. That time he just moved to our school. “Oh gosh, he is a transfer student. I think I meet him before… he looks familiar”. True enough indeed I meet him when we were in primary school. Just have a word or two before we end our standard 6. So, now back in Form 4, we didn’t really chat much since we don’t have any similar topic to chat with. I think the time that I had some words with him was because I needed his help in physic, which is the topic that I’m so weak in. I think that is the only memories that I had with him in our high school life. Then we precede our friendship when he was in Form 6. I’m back for the first time after I left to study in Ukraine. Em… I guess nothing much happened between me and him during that time. Because he was busy with his studies too and I had to be with my family. I only had the change to meet up with them on Sunday or Saturday night. Still remember the time that I had with him when we went to Lumut to have our supper. We ordered “ice-kacang” and some drinks. Although both of us don’t really have a precious past memories, I think it’s still not too late for me to have him as one of the best friend. All the effort that he put in to cheer me up and enjoy my holidays fruitfully back in Malaysia. And thanks to him, I’m able to meet other new great friends that also share a part of my sweet memories back in Malaysia. I still remember the 1st year when I went back to Malaysia, he was the one that updated me on the news about 5B’s friends. He show me the video and pictures about the gathering that 5B’s had when I was not in Malaysia and even burn a CD for me to carry that memories of 5B with me to Ukraine so that when I miss you al, I can have a peep in it. Indeed he is one of my caring friends that know my needs. Vee Ee, Thanks a lot for all the precious things that u did in my life.

Now for the cute bunny who is Qian Hui. I gave her that name when I was in Form5, if I’m not mistaken, because she is so cute and as energetic as a rabbit. What she did in my life was she brought me to her church. Her church is quite an energetic church. It just inspired me not to limit myself in all the things that I do. I can just dance, sing out loud and shot His name without caring about what people will think about me. For me, I saw her when I was in Form 2 and really know her when I was in Form 4. I know her through Shin Chin as she always hang out with her. My first impression towards her is not a good one because for me, all those book worms are just weird to be friends. Maybe they don’t even know what the true meaning of friendship is. But I’m wrong. She is a clever girl and she is quite a nice girl too.. Not as what I had imagined… I still remember she always give me a lot of advise. It’s not because I did something wrong or being idiot in doing things. She just doesn’t want me to get influence by one of my friends. According to her, she said that he is way to wild and bad for me to be friends with, and it’s totally opposite to my character. Sound like she was trying to protect me. Sound so motherly… haha.. She didn’t know that the friend that she mentions was my best friends. em… I think for her case, I had quite some sweet memories with her and some bad one. For the bad one, she was the one that always didn’t keep her promise. Busyness is her main reasons even till now. So, sometimes I got so angry with her because she blows up whatever promises that I’d made with her. Other than that, she still consider as my good friend because the time that I had with her was a wonderful one. We laugh, we joke and we eat variety of foods together. All the life experiences that I’d gone through with her shaped some of the fields that I face in life…

Yip Song, Yip Song… that name sometimes cheers me up whenever I’m down or depress because of friends. It’s like he knows when I’m sad or when I need any help from friends. Even till this day, he is the one that always sent me messages, wishing me all the best in the things that I do, cheering me up when I’m lonely with his cute sms, encouraging me by telling me although friends are not there for me, their spirit still besides me… I think he is the only one that sms me. Every single month, I’m sure that I will receive a sms form him. He is the only one that really uses action to prove that I’m still one of his friends… for your information, he also is one of my best friends that I have listed down. All the suffering that I went through, some of it, he is the one that I should thank for helping me to get through. For me, I think he is my classmate since Form 1. That time he was just an immature kids that was so playful. He likes to run around the school, chasing with his friends and being chased by them. We was somehow so perverted because when recess time came, and he got nothing to do, he will go and molest guy’s little brother. Haha… guess my brother had been molested by him too… haha… but I’m the type that always take revenge. Sure enough his end up in painful condition, not a nice one… haha… oh… I still remember the time when we had gathering in his house. It’s quite a nice one. At least he makes us know each other well. We eat together and joke around in his house. He held quite some gathering in his house though. Thanks to him, I’d gained more sweet memories in Ayer Tawar. And back in Sitiawan, when he was in Form 6, he took me for a ride with his bike around that place. Guess we did not much things back there. Thank you for always being such a supportive friend, a friend that knows what a friend need. I know now you are in the period of depression. Whenever you need my help, I’m sure I will always be ready for you. I wanted to see the old Yip Song that is carefree and always smile and being so positive in everything that you think or do. I promise you that I will do whatever it takes to help you to get back that happiness in your life. Please do not be depress or sad because my heart aching every time when I see you are sad… sometimes tears just flow down when I notice that I cannot do anything to help you back in Malaysia. Please be strong friend!!!

So, I guess now is the turn for Mona or Siew Wen. I think when she is reading this blog, in her mind will asking why haven’t reach her turn… haha…I think she will scroll down and read hers’ first, as what I remember who she is… don’t blame me for that… haha… I knew her when I was in primary school, because we study in the same school and live near to each other. I think when I was young that time, I hate her a lot. Mainly because she was my neighbor, she talk too much and she too egoistic. But later on, again when we meet together in secondary school, our friendship grew stronger. I think that time she was the president for counseling’s club. And who she was, she always council me for sure. That time I’m having quite a lot of hard time since I had troubles with my friends and family. She will be there to help me up and be give me any advise that I needed to go through with. Reflected back the memories that I had with her, I think mostly it’s the time when we hang out, joking and chatting. In Form 4 or 5, since we were the school PA, both of us always being together. During the “perhimpunan”, we will be in a special room, sitting on a comfortable sofa, chatting all the way until the gathering finish. I still remember she always gossip with me about everything or anything… I think basically we don’t have much sweet memories in secondary school. I’m sorry to say that. But cheer up, why are you being mention in my blog? One of the main concerns is because you really did something in my life. When I was back in Malaysia this year, although we didn’t really had time to meet up, she still make the initiative to spend some time with me. I’m very happy that she did that. Friendship is all about fellowship. Without it, how can friends are called as friends…. haha… the time that I had with her, we went to shop for clothes. Actually I’m the one that want people to accompany me shopping… And she helped me to choose some quite nice and stylish shirt! Thanks a lot for that!!!

Bryan oh Bryan… whenever that name creep into my mind, I will think of Bryan O’ Molly… haha… That is not a name of any famous actress or books. I just don’t know how I got that name from. May be from one of the food in Mac Donald? Just simple combine his name with the name of the food and poof, I got that name… Haha… Anyway, that name just sounds nice and cute. Back to the past when we were in secondary school, he was my class leader. He was a class leader that do his best and quite a responsible guy. I think there was nothing much that we did together when we were in secondary school. But the best moment that I had with him was when I was in Malaysia for my summer holidays. He is quite a busy boss that always travels around with his “Kancil” or “Kelisa” or whatever la…. I just don’t really care what that car is. What I want to say is, he organize a small gathering for me since the time that I had organized was not suitable for him. He really makes a commitment to the promise that he had made. After finished his work, he strait away rush down to meet up with me. I can see the tiredness reflected by his face. For my sake, he sacrifice his resting time to meet up with me as he knows that if he didn’t meet me that day, we will never have the chance to meet again in the next few years. Thanks a lot for that, Bryan. Oh ya… I just remember we did have a sweet moment together. It’s the time when we were celebrating Chinese New Year! That time we did have a great fellowship together. He tries to make us laugh by using his cold old jokes. And in the end, no one smile… that sad though… haha… at least he did his best to make us feel comfortable. Bryan, for me you are one of the great and responsible friend that I have. I’m sorry that I didn’t really chat much with you that time since when I was back there, there are some gaps that make me feel so awkward when facing you. It’s not because you are not good enough or funny enough. That gap is the gap that results from distance friendship that we have. But I’m sure that next time when we meet in the future, we will be able to chat and laugh and do all sort of crazy things together. K? It’s a promise

And for this guy here, he is also one of my best friends that know what I require in a friendship. In last blog, I did mention about him. But since this is the blog all about our past memories, indeed he planted some sweet past memories when we were in secondary school. I meet him only when we were in Form 1. That time, I’m not that close with him since he always mixes with one of my enemy who was one of his good friends. Guess you all no need to know who is… haha… Then our friendship blossom when we were in Form 4. But still, our friendship didn’t really go to the stage of good friends. Soon when he was in Form 6, which was the time when I really got to know him better. I remember that I spent a night living with him in his rented house in Sitiawan since he was studying there. And for that night, he suggested some crazy ideas. So, I agree to go with whatever plan he wants to execute. First, we had some football show going on. That time, in his house, he lived with Vee Ee, Shang Wen and some others that I forget who those were. So, after finish watching the match, it’s about 1am. And he suggested we go for midnight “nasi lemak”. The stall just located somewhere far from his rented house. We drove there just to had some supper that according to him was delicious. And the next thing in the morning, about 4 or 5 in the morning, we were crazy enough to go to a “kom piang” stall just to buy some foods. And things getting worse when we had to wait for a few hours before we manage to buy that hot “kom piang” strait form oven. During that few hours, you know what we did? We totally chatting nonsense with the boss’s wife. That is one of the foolish experience that I got from him. But the main point is, I’m glad that I had that experience, and it strengthen up out friendship during that few hours. Oh ya, forget to tell you what is the “kom Piang”. It’s a kind of munchies that is made from flour and stuff with pork inside. What a night life that I had with him last time. It’s an amazing journey that I had with him. Thanks to him, I manage enjoy myself back in my hometown. it’s good to know you friend. Just want to let you know that you are also one of the best!!!

If two hearts are meant to be friends,
No matter how long it takes,
How far they go,
How tough it seems,
Fate will bring them together,
To share friendship forever.
Friendships are just like a circle,
A circle that has no end,
Has no imperfection,
What a circle has is just a continuous line.
It’s just like out friendships,
Forever and forever meets no end!!!


Miss Q said...

Hey dear boonkeong!
Nice post about all the friends...:)
Dont be so depress there, u still have lots of friends in Malaysia that miss u and care for u!!!

There is this saying: "Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead." I dono how u will interprete this, i think it is very good to remember all our past time, but on top of that, we must go on with the life we're having now, and enjoy+appretiate it as it is...

Maybe i never been study abroad before and dont understand ur feeling, but i just hope u will cheer up and be happy there.
Miss u so much!!!! :)

steven said...

hey. thanks for telling me that. it;s juz u all r really too precious to me.. and the post that i had there is my true feelings for u al.. depression will occour anytime as i'm so stress up with the studies and sometimes freindship with my friends here. i'll consider ur advise. thanks ya.. God bless u friend...

Miss T said...

hey,i reali dono tat i brought u such a great impact in ur's gd to recall our past memories, but i hope they wil never turn u down..look forward.

we all miss u here~we might nt speaks it out owaz, but rmb, we miss u,in deep of our heart..

take care my fren..

etherealillusion said...

this is a nice meaningful post. i too, often reminisce about my past and friends from often. such beautiful moments must be put down into words. to be remembered and appreciated... =)